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| October 2011 |




Common Sense - 2011 Issue

Open this issue to read about:
• Derail the Streetcar - Sign the petition!
• What Milwaukee Needs: Leadership
• We are Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown
• Wisconsin Juvenile Justice System: Proposed Reforms
• Face the Facts Milwaukee - An Action Plan
• Milwaukee Police Department - 10 Most Wanted



Derail the Milwaukee Streetcar
Urge the Mayor and the Common Council to do the following:
1) Support a referendum regarding the streetcar to be on the ballot in April 2012 – we want a voice in this decision!
2) Urge our members of Congress to transfer the $54 million from the streetcar project to the Milwaukee County bus system in an effort to avoid eliminating routes, increasing fares and job loss.

Contact the Mayor or your Alderman - Let your voices be heard!

Mayor Tom Barrett - Office of the Mayor
200 E. Wells St., Rm. 201, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | Phone: (414) 286-2200 | Email:

Common Council
200 E. Wells St., Rm. 205, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | Phone: (414) 286-2221

Alderman Donovan
Phone: (414) 286-3533 | Email:


| January 2010 |

Common Sense - 2010 Issue

Open this issue to read about:
• Fight for Public Safety!
• The Closing of Ladder Company 10 and Rolling Brownouts
• Public Safety Threatened by Pending Fire Department “Brownouts”
• Milwaukee Police Department - 10 Most Wanted
• Opportunities Lost in Milwaukee
• Mayor, Please Answer My Question
• Alderman Says People are the Problem - Not Guns
• File Urges Study of Consolidation or Merger of City, County
& MPS Services & Agencies
• Letter to the Mayor Urging Study
• Early Release Needs Second Look
• Other Ideas to Ponder Regarding the Milwaukee Fire Department





| 2009-2010 Archives |

City Budget A Train Wreck
By Alderman Bob Donovan

Countdown to Survival: The Milwaukee Fire Department Role In Emergency Medical Service Delivery By Local 215

Many Children in our City are Suffering, Let’s Stop Ignoring Them!
By Christina Colón

The Brownfields of Business
By Cary Silverstein

Statement on MPS Audit
By Ald. Bob Donovan • Released April 9, 2009

Milwaukee is...
By Tony A. Kujawa

Sounds like Common Sense to me
By Steve Smith

Mayor, Please Answer My Question
By Wayne Staats - Letter emailed to the mayor April 30, 2009

Operation Impact to be Bigger, Bolder in Year Two • Operation Payback

Wake Up Milwaukee
By Alderman Bob Donovan

We Need A Plan....And The Leadership To Carry It Out
Think about it, planning just makes sense. We plan our careers, we plan for our children's education, we plan for our retirment, and we even plan for our vacations.

An Open Letter To Our Citizens
By Alderman Bob Donovan

Milwaukee is the city I was born in, the city my family and I have chosen to live in, the city I truly love.

Firefighter Cuts Must Stop Now
One of the greatest dangers to citizens of Milwaukee is the occurrence of fire and the clear threat to life and property that comes with it.

Early Release From Prison
By Vice President Thomas E. Fischer - Milwaukee Police Association

| PDF Files |

Ald. Donovan's Letter To The Mayor and MPS Improvement Proposal

Ald. Donovan's Media Advisory Asks for Governor’s Assistance to Bring Changes to MPS, Bradley Tech

Ald. Donovan's Letter To Governor Doyle

City of Milwaukee Taxation and Local Government Finances Improvement Plan

Operation Impact A plan to reduce crime, fear and disorder and improve Milwaukee's quality of Life.






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